Looping Sound Emitter - background sounds without scripts!


Hey all,

I just put up a useful new tool on the Marketplace under Scripts & Tools this afternoon… some of you might find it handy! It’s a simple entity that plays looping audio, with positional updating (so the sound can move about in space), and sound volume control. Set Visible to false after you position it, so you don’t have to see the pink speaker cone. :slight_smile:

Just rez this entity into your domain, open it up in the edit window, and specify a few parameters:

  • soundURL - An URL to a 48k 16bit PCM wav file
  • soundVolume - Between 0 (mute) and 1 (full blast). So, 0.5 is half volume.
  • refreshInterval - How many milliseconds between updating the sound’s position in space?

RefreshInterval is really only useful if your sound emitter needs to move, like the buzzing sound that follows a bee. If your sound emitter doesn’t move very often, just set it to 1000ms (1 second). If it’s important that the sound keep precisely up with the changes of position, you can set it as low as 10ms.



Hi Caitlyn, great timing! though i tested it myself and couldn’t get it to work. Have it in my golf course, but not sure if i’m missing something. the url i’m using doesn’t end in .wav because it leads to my google drive. I couldn’t think of another way to do it…

Well submitted my golf course with the sound emitter but even when i download and test it still nothing plays. oh well!


I tried this once the other day but, for me, it played the sound full volume all over the domain. Am I missing something?

It seems no different than a web entity playing something.


Nope it is an audio injector and positional


Try setting the volume to something lower like 0.25


Really useful script thing.
I wish it deleted the paste url here text when u pasted the url text here
I wish it had some way to turn it off like an on off button. I’m putting a bunch down at the moment and its really helping to create atmosphere
But its also driving me crazy running all the time
I’m putting an x in front of the volume so I can get it right and then stop it playing whilst I’m just building.
if all the pink speakers could have a remote control so i can pause em all show and hide them and globally turn em all up and down proportionally that would be terrific lol

Judas- making unreasonable demands of the developers since 1482 :stuck_out_tongue:


Great ideas! Let’s see!


necro post for those who might need it, was just trying to use this script, make sure its a mono 48k 16bit .wav for positional.