Lost.... in virtual worlds


I think i can make the conclusion that am stuck and lost in virtual black hole. People that know me can read that from reactions. Not sure what virtual world is the best. The have all good and bad things. So hard to choice.

Just wanted to say that.


Did time exist before the big bang? how many versions of the 3d internet do we need? What to put on waffles if you’re out of syrop? and many other ponderings…


Come on Neo, you know the answer to that question…

…because you are asking here.


I take the purple pill :purple_heart: :sunglasses:


Seems simple to me all the other ones are closed source or with strings attached :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

High Fidelity: Is open source, most likely the backbone of most future VR Worlds, it will just take awhile to achieve this.

Sansar: OK, but it is very very taxing on a PC, unlikely ever have a mobile version, lacks oversight vision for a project that ambitious.

VRChat: Based on proprietary software that to take full advantage of it, you must not fork to far from it, otherwise you break compatibility.

Sinewave.Space: Has rather a very sorted history with claims of over a Million Indian Residents at some point over 8 years ago with it later being re-branded as Sinewave.Space in its current reincarnation.


What about opensim? Like SL and free


OpenSim never got it’s act together, development is fragmented at best( Mostly stagnated) (No Funding)

People have fought for a decade to get OS together, it was always a civil war between the Hippy Free People and those who wanted a Roadmap and OpenSim 2.0 … In many ways HF offers the things never achieved but wanted in OS, while also being Open Source.

I liked OpenSim, but they a crew-less ship adrift on the virtual seas and after 10 long years (Decade) if they don’t have it now, they unlikely ever will.

They still have a small caring diehard community, I wish them the best in their everyday lives, well beyond that my advice is to look ahead were things are growing or at the least organized for growth .


Opensim. :grin:
That never got what i expected from it.
And it’s having the same problems as Secondlife
But 1 step worse at some points.

If opensim would have a first person mode (not mouselook)
And a server and client side framerate that’s stable 60fps or better 144fps it would have been interesting.

But no, it failed a bit, development is very slow this days.
I still keep eye on it. But it’s stuck with the same SL problems.