Lost my edit button in HMD view mode


I have stopped all scripts before and recovered by running default scripts. Somehow I have lost my edit button at the bottom of the screen. I could bring up an entity list but normally I have to bounce the Edit button a few times before I can change tabs on the entity list. With the button gone I was unable to further edit an entity.

I stopped all scripts and then restarted the default scripts, however my edit button did not return. Short of reinstalling interface, I would like to retrieve that Edit button so I can bounce on it a few times and be able to change tabs and continue editing and adding to the ponderous amount of content I currently have (I shall certainly add more!)

I suspect I moved it off the display area and it might be lost below the visor horizon, but I can not retrieve it.


If you go to developer crash viewer when u re launch you get the option to load default settings.that should sort it


Thanks Judas, that did the trick. Now if the pause function would un-pause after I take off and then replace my HMD without closing and re-entering interface.


The interface window needs to be in focus to unpause annoying ain’t it lol


I am sure interface has been in focus anytime I have tried to un-pause. Much of the time mouse fervent mouse clicks succeeds in un-pausing but often I am unable to find the ‘Any Key’.


Is one of the leppers who went the oculus vr route and finds the oculus home steals focus
Also when loading hifi if the volume on the cassette recorder is too loud it distorts and wont load properly


That explains it. Thank you for your insight. I love my oculus and am using interface as a VR HMD only application and am annoyed when I revert to desktop. I don’t like how interface tends to steal my mouse pointer treating it like a Vive but I will get the oculus hand controllers when it comes available and that problem will be one of the past. I demo’d the Vive but was sold on the simplicity and quality of the rift which I feel delivers a superior VR experience.


I echo this sentiment. Welcome to High Fidelity.