Low U/L speed from home server


Yes, still struggling. with stuff. :stuck_out_tongue:

Home sandbox uses barely a tenth of the u/l speed.

The long story:
Out of curiosity I tested access to my low bandwidth home sandbox from the PC I intend to run a proper server on.

My home u/l bandwidth is 0.8 mbps.
The other PC has IIRC 500 mpbs up and down fiber optic connection.

My sand box is almost empty (it has the tree home and an FST stored on amazon).
The Amazon asset loaded fast, naturally, but the silly little tree home took ages and the developer stats showed absurdly low download speed.

How absurd?
Less than 0.1 mbps!
In fact it fluctuated around 0.07-0.04 which is just nuts.


  1. Is the sandbox that bad at using the network?
  2. Is there an easy way to push out local stored assets more efficiently? (i.e. run an FTP server or whatnot)


Is your sandbox full or empty. did you do the test with empty cache ? Get a few users in and it will bandwidth will go up


IDK anything about any cache.

There was only one user, me from a different PC, on a different network.

Perhaps I was unclear:
The numbers I gave are from the client side, not the server side.
Look at the dev stats on the CLIENT, it was getting at most 0.07 megabits per second, way below what the server should have been able to give.