Mabye i do it complete wrong


I want to build more houses, At the point i need to texture the first floor. And right now am scratching my head. Mabye i do it wrong !

I made small parts, right now from the small parts i make big buildings.
But mabye it’s smarter to texture the small parts and build from that a building inside High fidelity, that make building more easy. More secondife. and it saves lot’s of time. Also because the same object is used many times i expect the loading time is faster too on the domain. because many parts are the same.

Other thing is that i did not textured the small parts now but doing that after i made the big building in blender. ANd that is terrible work :open_mouth:

Side effect mabye. you have a few faces extra in use you not always see inworld. or i need to make extra part for that too. except the inworld build tool is really not so good for that one. because missing X and Z arrow is one of the problems.

OMG i need a DBase program to keep track ! (still not found a good one)

What do others things ?


Well one problem in hifi is, that we can’t link the prims one to the other, or better said, I haven’t found a way until now. So moving a house will be difficult and also giving to other people. But you also could do it with a script how in the lotsoBlocks.js .


Yes linking is missing. also replaceing a texture on face would save lot’s of time. Now you need to replace the texture in bledner and make a new object. Instead of using the same object and only replace the texture. But already figured out that a whole building in blender is at the end the best. Not at the begin :smiley:

Linking is really something we need. What you say, in case you need to move something as complete set. Anyway linking a building and items inside can be fun to. So saying we need linking is easy. but a better way if linking things compared to secondlife is other story

Also changed my workflow a bit and found a faster way to add materials to the window frames :slight_smile: