Mac - Interface appears to hang on startup


I am new to High Fidelity and trying to get it running on my 2012 Mac Pro. I get as far as a window and menubar opening, but all that is displayed is an empty (black) screen. My network monitor shows that Interface is downloading something, but nothing appears and finder shows that interface is not responding, requiring a force quit.

My Mac Secs are:

Mac Pro (Mid 2012)
2x 3.06 GHz 6-Core Intel Xeon
64 GB Ram


It seems to be a known bug for this release. I’m a mac user and have reported on it, as have other mac users. I believe the developers are working on it but am not certain. I don’t know if you can download and install the previous version but that might work? For now I’m just using my PC instead.

EDIT: this bug was fixed and now Hi Fi works pretty darn well on all my Macs. Thanks folks!


how was this bug fixed? i still have this problem…
do i need to download something?