Mac Interface Unusably Sluggish


Just starting with Interface for Mac on a 5 month-old Macbook Pro. Allowed it to install all updates so should be very latest version (can’t confirm; see last point below)


  • It is unusably sluggish after only about 20 seconds of not doing anything.
    – CPU is at about 30% though GPU is fully taxed as fan kicks in very quickly and temp rises significantly.
    – Memory use increases steadily but plateaus around 310MB.
    – All menus very slow. Redraw is clearly lagging.
  • A constant “thump” type tone recurs every 5 seconds or so. No idea where it’s coming from.
  • Head of Avatar is displace vertically from body by about one body length
  • Selecting About Interface yields empty white dialog with a red close button that sometimes won’t allow closure.

Is HF development really only possible on Windows currently?
I have not yet tried that platform and hope that it could be possible to develop with it.
Thanks for any ideas.



Hi @vorp we are using a lot of Mac’s in house. What version of Interface are you using?


Hi Chris, Seeing how vorp didn’t get back to you but this being my first day here (oh I have lots of noob questions but won’t post them here :smiley: ) , I have many of the same exact issues on my macbook pro (2013, 2ghz i7 w/8gb RAM) running Yosemite.

I’m running build 2920 of Interface - it was just updated when I first logged in today.

Update - NVM

I later learned that my machine had switched wireless connections to the unsecure, lowbandwith network I left open for visitors. That explains the sluggishness. I’m surprised it was working at all.

On the ‘right’ network, everything seems to be working just fine :smile:


Sorry, wasn’t getting responses mailed to me so I didn’t see these responses until now.
I’ve since updated to the latest Interface and the last 3 or so have been MUCH better.
I’m able to work now. Thanks for the updates HiFi.