Mac requirements


Not having ever bought a graphics card in my life, my eyes glaze over when I see requirements expressed as “NVIDIA GTX 970 / AMD R9 290 equiv. or greater” (and ditto for CPUs such as “Intel i7-4700 equivalent or greater”). Product codes don’t sort in any order for me. I’ve tried looking at them but just I can’t say if an NVIDIA GTX 970 is better than an Intel HD Graphics 6000.

Since I’m a Mac guy, having these expressed as specific model and years makes more sense.


Never getting excited if you red intel X000 graphics cards.
That means always that are low power build in the cpu graphics cards.
6000 where new number for me, so i did a quick google. Compared to GF970 it’s so low in performance that it’s a mircacle if VR in desktop mode works with it.

Here’s the page wit compare card. The R9-290 is in this list to.

Anyway, a MAC and replacing graphics card ?
What mac you can do that ? except a MAc pro mabye.