Machine Learning in HF?


Just out of morbid curiosity, is anyone tinkering with ML in HF? I’ve started putting together the necessary tools to toy around with training in Unity, but High Fidelity seems like it could be an even more interesting playground for general AI. So, what’re you working on? How’d you go about it? What obstacles did you encounter and how did you surmount them? Seriously, I’m a huge nerd and I want all the gory details! :stuck_out_tongue:



This company was offering some AI capabillities in HiFi. I’m also interested in this area. I haven’t been able to spend much time in HiFi this year due to my work but I would like to look into this further.


Intriguing! Thanks for the link :smiley: I helped port a version of AIML to SL waaaaay back in the day. I had around 8 bots dressed as characters from Alice In Wonderland running around acting out scenes in my hedge maze art gallery, lol. Fun stuff, if really rudimentary. I’ve got a feeling these will be a bit more “useful” haha.