MacOS new version showing vertical bars :(


vertical bars anywhere with latest version of highfidelity on macos bookpro :frowning:
It worked correctly until some weeks ago, is there anything I can do to access again high fidelity on my macbook pro in a usable form?


Hi Claudio,

I m sorry that you are experiencing that bug, current Mac version seems to work correctly for me on my old macbook (nvidia) which probably has a different gpu than yours if it s more recent.

Which version of High Fidelity Interface did the problem started ?
Current Stable version is 75.1

What is the gpu of your Mac BOok pro ?
if you go checkout the about description of your mac from the top left corner ‘apple icon’ of the os menu bar.
you would find the exact description of the os version and the hardware.

You could share with us a log file that is generated during the execution. if the problem is something like a runtime error from the shader compilation it would show in the log.
You can locate the log file from Interface in the developer menu.

DId you try completely erasing the previous installed version and reinstall a fresh version in case something is stuck in your configuration ?




I think I found why it is not working anymore. It seems related to Mojave MacOS no more supporting OpenGL as clarified by Will High Fidelity run on Future Macs? so now I will reinstall High Sierra and NOT DOING upgrades to Mojave for a long period :frowning:

It is a pity that Apple guys are taking this bad road again, not considering how much software is requiring opengl. Maybe HighFidelity is going to support Mojave Metal in the future?


I hope so, I’ve been having all sorts of problems since I upgraded to Mojave and .76