MagicGame, Config.json and more question


Is Config.json used until now? Must there be written more as the id and basic-auth data?
What is describe-settings.json?

What dos it mean:
[DEBUG] [08/22 12:07:20] Unable to fulfill assignment request of type 7 from


Ok, I have now found the config.json in home/hifi. It becames actualized from the webpage and the domain-server reads it in. Should I there add more values?


I get the Debug message:

[WARNING] [08/23 14:04:18] QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSLv2_client_method
[WARNING] [08/23 14:04:18] QSslSocket: cannot resolve SSLv2_server_method


You should not have to edit the config files manualy


Thanks and here my next questions. : Will I get updates, if I start the domain-server or must I compile it always new?

Also I have read some about SSLv2 - shouldn’t be SSLv2 disabled? So why I get SSLv2 warnings?


The domain-server and assignment client will not update themselves.

There will be methods to auto update on linux in the future. It will just take some time for those will be available.


Could it be, that the domain settings page dos only write in the config, what I have changed one time already?
I havent gotten backups of the model.json.gz until now, also if they were activated at the page. Now I have changed one setting in entity part, the values are saved in the config and now I also get backups.


I’m a bit helpless. I get DEBUG messages, which I can’t interpret. So where would be the right place, to post them and also get an answer?

If I start the domain-server fully new I get
[DEBUG] [08/24 10:37:07] Received a request for assignment type 7 from
[DEBUG] [08/24 10:37:07] Unable to fulfill assignment request of type 7 from

If I restart from the webpage I get
[DEBUG] [08/24 10:15:14] No match for assignment deployed with “b4382ad7-8724-4202-a7e7-ef993b0822cb”
[DEBUG] [08/24 10:15:14] No match for assignment deployed with “846916b7-bcef-4322-ae24-5ccac553e304”
[DEBUG] [08/24 10:15:14] No match for assignment deployed with “1036bac7-d5b9-4daa-bb5a-5f571dbc2341”
[DEBUG] [08/24 10:15:14] No match for assignment deployed with “c03b0792-5fc5-40e8-91ac-170e27fcdd38”

And after this the nodes are killed.


I have now looked myself in the sources. The message comes from Domainserver.cpp

void DomainServer::handleConnectRequest(const QByteArray& packet, const HifiSockAddr& senderSockAddr) {

NodeType_t nodeType;
HifiSockAddr publicSockAddr, localSockAddr;

QDataStream packetStream(packet);

parseNodeDataFromByteArray(packetStream, nodeType, publicSockAddr, localSockAddr, senderSockAddr);

QUuid packetUUID = uuidFromPacketHeader(packet);

// check if this connect request matches an assignment in the queue
bool isAssignment = _pendingAssignedNodes.contains(packetUUID);
SharedAssignmentPointer matchingQueuedAssignment = SharedAssignmentPointer();
PendingAssignedNodeData* pendingAssigneeData = NULL;

if (isAssignment) {
    pendingAssigneeData = _pendingAssignedNodes.value(packetUUID);

    if (pendingAssigneeData) {
        matchingQueuedAssignment = matchingQueuedAssignmentForCheckIn(pendingAssigneeData->getAssignmentUUID(), nodeType);

        if (matchingQueuedAssignment) {
            qDebug() << "Assignment deployed with" << uuidStringWithoutCurlyBraces(packetUUID)
                << "matches unfulfilled assignment"
                << uuidStringWithoutCurlyBraces(matchingQueuedAssignment->getUUID());

            // remove this unique assignment deployment from the hash of pending assigned nodes
            // cleanup of the PendingAssignedNodeData happens below after the node has been added to the LimitedNodeList
        } else {
            // this is a node connecting to fulfill an assignment that doesn't exist
            // don't reply back to them so they cycle back and re-request an assignment
            qDebug() << "No match for assignment deployed with" << uuidStringWithoutCurlyBraces(packetUUID);


Dos it mean, that the assignment client don’t send data? Is there needed a postrouting in the iptables? No clue.


What ever the dev’s have changed - MagicGame is connected now since 28915s and the zone, which I have gotten from the Marketplace yesterday, is there until now . No clue, maybe not all will work right with Ubuntu 14.04, but I see now, that hifi can be installed at a VPS with Ubuntu and I have learned a lot with this. :smile:

So I will test a bit more.


Funny, I have taken from the Marketplace the Mansion, but I have gotten only a zone. So ok have put the floating island at my place. This is come to me. I have looked a bit around and at the horizon was a very very little thing. I have wanted to know, what it is and have tried to come nearer, but it was far far away. But finally I be come there. And what I have found?
Here was the mansion.

No clue, if it will be there, when I come back.


It was there after login again and I also have explored it now a bit.


Now also my little sky house is come to MagicGame :