Main hud is moving a bit up vertical with every login


Ok. now i know why the hud never stay at the bottom of my screen in desktop mode.

  1. With every login the hud moves a tiny bit up.
  2. The HMD moves the hud

It annoying that the hud never stay on the position you put it.
Pretty much at the bottom of the screen. I know at least why it moves up.

  • Move the hud to almost the bottom of the screen
  • Relog 15 times and the hud moved a big difference up,. you can see it already after 5 relogs.


mine keeps doin this


And mine…the hand control lasers overshoot it by meters, so that I can’t ever use it. Not sure if this is the same thing about which you are speaking.


No, but i mabye get soemthing like that on the on screen keyboard. Not sure.

Other thing i notice that you can soemtimes trigger the hud while your beam is point into a complete other direction. in this case it where a pumpkin, mabye bounced it back ? Around the hud many halloween rare things happen.


Mine also does this do you know how to fix this?


I found out that the Edit script had stopped running I now have it back


Want to note that in Build 5782 the hud is still crawling slowly up.