Make human 1.1.0


I just did a quick try. the small FBX straight from make human. It’s crashing the model packer. If i do easy fbx import in blender and then export the filesize is blow up 20 times. Thje model packer is not, but no bones selected or names.

SO mixame is bad, because it’s still broken in High Fidelity.
But Make Human is not useable to, possiblebecause lack of HighFidelity skeleton in make human. Also the video from chris is useless because there’s no MKH2 format.

Anyone tried it ?

Oh., i tried the 53 bone one. because 163 sounds only worse. 65 you need to instal;l manual from here. Not sure if the unity rig works. a real high fidelity rig would be the best.


I havent tried it yet.
But heres my notes:

High Fidelity uses Maya HumanIK Bone structure for the default avatars. I wrote an entire thread on it a while ago, making a standard based on it.. Total amount is 65 bones , so yes, the one you used sounds correct, but it needs to follow the naming convention used currently, and use the same rotations as the default animations, to work with the default animations.

The old version of Make Human had a HumanIK skeleton with extra shoulder bones. The MKH2 format was a Nightly Build feature that bundled up facemorph data. However that information is now fully outdated as its been a year.

Anyway, I created a worklist ticket for documentation of the Make Human, which who ever has time to do it can work on it. I can look into it as soon as I am done with my current worklist queue.