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Hey gang,

Avatar Island is all about accessorizing your avatar, but most people want to browse base avatars before they embellish them. Enter the Body Mart, an easy to explore store with all the current base avatars in the marketplace. When people arrive on Avatar Island, the Body Mart is one of the first stores they will see - right near A&J’s. Just click, grab or trigger on one of the models shown, and you immediately are wearing that base avatar. It’s not yet possible to sell base avatars but we are working on that now, and you should be able to start selling them sometime in Q1.

We’d love to link to other base avatar stores that you guys make. We’ve created a Body Mart Template and put in the Environments section of the marketplace (for free) as a way for you guys to get started. You don’t have to use it but, there it is. Here is the path to the avatar change script we are using:

Just place your base models out, give them a box collision shape and apply this script. Make sure they are “triggerable” and not “grabbable”. Lock’em down for good measure.

If you’d like to build an avatar store and have us provide a portal to it by creating an additional “exit” in our Body Mart, send email to with the subject “add my avatar store.”


Lovely job with the Body Mart. I began exploring it about 15 minutes after it launched. Wonderful that this is up and running now! It took me a bit of time to figure this out: “Just click, grab or trigger on one of the models shown, and you immediately are wearing that base avatar.” But, after I learned the sequence it was smooth sailing. This is great of course for new people coming into HiFi for the first time. It’s what most new people ask about - how they can get a quick and easy avatar.


Also likes the body mart everything looks better inworld than on the marketplace
We were chatting in there the other day and we thought it would be cool if the avatar’s maybe struck a pose or two when approached


An idea that could be looked into is the mirror script on the marketplace: when approached, it creates a ‘mirror’ of you, but in the avatar. This way, it doesn’t slow down anyone else, since only you can see the preview, and it means if two people want to preview the avatar, both parties will see their respective previews.

The On/Off conditions could be matched with the tablet app’s functions:
On - User walks into zone containing FST information
Off - User walks out of zone


Thats clever likes that idea

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