MakeHuman as avatar not shown but good as a static model


Strange thing happens.
cc: @Menithal, @Triplelexx

When using the .fst from a packaged model, the avatar will ONLY show when ‘reset sensors’ is clicked.
As can be seen, the model works as a static .fbx, but when used as an avatar it will show for a half a second during a ‘reset sensors’ hotkey click, and then vanish.
I’m not good at video making, and the avatar is only visible locally when ‘reset sensors’ is clicked (if even for only half a second)


they have to be scaled correcly and rotated correctly or they do that, there is a thread about it somwhere


I do remember that; but I think I fubared that part in blender. I’ll see what can be done. Thanks for the reminder.


Id be tempted to hold off avatars if were going down the Daz route , cos its all going to change again


Remember the gym? I’m going for it. You comin’ or not?


Yeah if be up for that
feeling the burn


The rigging is all messed up, I don’t have time to dig deep, but, I tried it and I could, briefly, see the AV all contorted before it crumpled into a ball and died.


Not sure, sorry. I can’t get it to stop catapulting after trying a few things.
You get “Invalid display name position (nan, nan, nan), setting is to (0.0f, 0.5f, 0.0f)” constantly in the error log.


Judas also pointed to a scale issue, I’ll check that now.


It’s acting exactly like a rigged mesh used to if you had “corrupted” skeleton by changing rotation/scale of bones and didn’t use a pristine HF skeleton made in maya as source. It’s not acting as if it’s at incorrect scale as the crumpled dysfunctional rig display is at proper size. Usually, when you have a scale issue, you have and AV that works but is huge (say 160M) or microscopic (say 1.6mm). For what it’s worth - it looks more like a skeleton that’s driving Interface nuts versus a scale issue - but… when it comes to this stuff… who knows? :slight_smile:


true that!
BUT, I used @Menithal reference skeleton, NOT MakeHumans… it should be working…

Let me try again.


Meanwhile over at the Camp Daz3D:

I was trying to prove that free could be beautiful too.

I’m going to take sometime to figure out where I went wrong in my pipeline. It is a combo of both skeleton orientation and scale tbh.
Thanks everyone for helping me realize my own incompetence. :blush:


Heya, the reference skeleton does have documented that you have to have both the mesh and the skeleton rotated by 90 on X axis. you can see glimpses of this in the new video.

Maybe I should create a check list Tutorial for importing avatars.


Yeah, that’d be good. If even it was 1 step with 1 image per step it would be easier than trying to figure it out from parts.

btw, i’ve got it working, but she ‘floats’ and can ‘skywalk’



That issue looks like an issue with the mesh scale not matching the skeleton scale.

Check that both mesh and skeleton are 0.01 in scale, but correct in dimensions (in m) in Blender.
This and the this part of tutorial I made for Mixamo imports should cover that part.

But ill try to make a proper video on the subject of Avatar issues and how to fix them.