MakeHuman to Blender to High Fidelity ATP


Bump… I’ll paste the proper link after lunch when the upload completes…

Revisiting the MakeHuman - Blender- Hifi workflow


The collision volume thing the avatar needs to be scaled to 0.10

I’m sure chris’s tutorial from ages ago came in rigged with blendshapes

but its from ages ago so im sure its all changed

I would love it if the hifi importer could be made to take a range of different rigs.Cos you can hook them up one bone at a time but its annoyingly slow.


0.01? - - - - - - - - -


somthing like that, I wrote it down somewhere so i don’t have to remember


Could you post this another thread instead of this one? Please dont bump threads that are older than 6 months / havent been edited since creation.

I cannot edit the original post Alot of the stuff I mention in the first pose are outdated

So for that reason:


  • Absolute T-pose is now required for the model, so you will have to put the avatars into the T pose. I suggest using the Blender pose as reference.
  • Rest applies correctly.
  • The Skeleton and the mesh must be set to 0.01 scale while in the correct sizes


I’ve moved this to its own thread so that it’s not necroing an outdated post from 2015.