Maker meeting followup Oct 1


Here are some answers to questions/issues that came up in the Maker meeting today. Feel free to post follow-on questions here and I’ll try to get answers.

  • When you sit, your camera doesn’t lower to the new head height. It stays at standing height.

Yes, verified. This is because none of the emote animations take control of the camera, and indeed none of the json stategraph animations move the camera either. This is a familiar compromise coming from 1p cameras in games - if you parent a camera into a moving skeleton it is pretty nauseating. This would probably be especially true in VR. It would be possible to re-position the camera after the sit event though.

  • How do we figure out where to place the 1p camera on an Avatar?

This is more to do with the HMD than the avatar. We try to place the camera at an offset from where we estimate your head rotate point to be so that it will feel natural in HMD as you turn and look around. There is not currently a way to override this camera placement, but I’ll log this as a request.

  • The Animation LOD issue that came up today seems unintentional and is probably a bug. I’ll log it.

  • How to set up quadrupeds or Avatars with tails? How to control capsule placement?

Engineering: “We only consider mesh bound to the hips & spine & head when considering the capsule, so tails and hind legs would not be marked as part of the capsule if they were bound to different bones.”

So, just add joints as children of head/hips/spine and skin to those. I realize this isn’t ideal - you’ll want to skin to hips in some case, especially with the tail, in order to get good deformation. But you can make the first “tail01” joint exactly coincident with the hips and transfer the skinning from hips to tail01. It should create the same effect.

Quadrupeds are a different question, mostly because I’m not sure what happens with very long-spined quadrupeds. I’d need to see an example of that to further debug.

  • Eyelashes and other alpha areas don’t behave correctly in engine.

Have you gone through the steps outlined in Avatar Creation under “updating Eyelash Material”?

I that doesn’t cover all the problem cases I’ll file a ticket to get it updated.


Wow I wonder how many times I hear that statement regarding quads and tails :stuck_out_tongue:

In any case, IIRC, Capsule is positioned at the hips, but the scale is generated from all the mesh weights that are weighted on the hips as of the moment. like demonstrated in the video by @FlameSoulis.

Atleast this is how it was at the start of the year when I last fooled around with it. Although I think the Debug Capsule’s position has been broken for longer as its not exactly reliable.

Generally speaking, to work around this as of the moment, Id think a centaur like system would work better in this, where you actually have the hips at the front of the quad, and then have a separate hips for the back.

Regarding Eyelashes for Blender

  • You need to make sure the alpha textures are either masked and redoing the material info.
  • However all the normal and roughness properties will not apply unless the material is Masked for avatars.0The Blender plugin has a one click button that converts all the textures to masked for an avatar. “Textures to Masked”.


Yeah confirmed - capsule is centered on the verts skinned to the “hips” joint, so you’re able to sort of control it by strategic skinning. It’s not ideal. I’ll log a ticket to provide better control of capsule. As mentioned in the maker meeting, the collision system is up for an overhaul so this may be addressed at that time.


High Fidelity VR Maker Meeting [ Scary ] 1th ‎October 2018

if anybody missedThe meeting You can watch it here