Makers & content creators: Get profiled on our website!


Hey everybody! We’re working on a cool new section of our website dedicated to publicizing people who make great content in High Fidelity. It’s going to feature profiles for three different content creators each week, with links out to their stuff on the Marketplace. It’ll result in increased traffic (and hopefully sales) to your Marketplace items, as well as exposure and street cred as a content creator. If you’d like to be considered to for a featured profile, we have some questions for you to answer on a form. We’ve got a writer to take care of writing the profile text itself based on your replies, so you needn’t write a full autobiography (unless hey you want to):

Feel free to check it out and show us whatchoo got. We’d also like to have an image of you (or your avatar if you are shy) to include in the profile, there’s an image upload at the bottom of the form.

There’s no wrong answers, and it’s a great opportunity to show off :slight_smile:


I love this new project! Good going Caitlyn in helping to put this together.

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