Market Link - Link your marketplace items inworld!


Market Link

This entity script opens the marketplace to a specified item for purchase.

How to Setup

  1. Create an entity that isn’t a zone.
  2. Install the script in the Script Url and let it run at least once. The script will update the UserData of the object with a Market ID parameter.
  3. Update the Market ID parameter in UserData to reflect the desired item you want to address (Example:
  4. Click or laser trigger the object to double check that the marketplace item entered loads.
  5. Done!


  • Letting users click a button next to a marketplace’s item preview


  • The script will set itself up for you. If there are any issues with this, then the script should be updated to resolve those problems.
    • Seriously, it’s a clone of Broadcast to Tablet, with the marketplace injector.


Broadcast To Tablet