Market Place - Multiple textures for single model possible?


Is it possible to have multiple textures associated to a single model on the Market Place a user can choose from? This would allow a user also choose from one of many textures for the model at any time after getting from the Market Place via a setting in HiFi for the model. If this is not an option, then I would have to upload several models of the same geometry but different textures to the Market Place. Or is this the desired behavior by everyone? I can go either direction.

I plan to have about 40 items ready for upload in the next week or so. Just wondering.


I’m kind of wondering the best way to go myself. I like the concept of using embedded textures but not sure how to handle cases like this.

Entities have texture URL parameters, so I assume you can change them, but you’d have to not be using embedded textures.

I have a few models I’m working on that want some texture variations so I’m just duplicating for now.
Open to any suggestions.

What’s the feeling on embedded textures in general?