Marketplace Errors on Upload Attempts


Hi. When I attempt to upload a model to the Marketplace, I get this error: • SVO file is invalid. I followed the instructions that were kindly provided by Adrian.

Any ideas on how to fix this? Thanks, Franny


@Franny I just got @Adrian document with movie published on the docs, check it out here and see if it helps any:


I noticed while I was doing the video that the Export entities has changed from providing a .svo to providing a .svo.json, I had already uploaded the wineglass several times so I didnt actually upload it in the finish, I just assumed it was working as usual with the .svo.json.
Need some input here from a Hifi designer.


Thanks, Adrian. That’s just what happened to me. I shortened the name to .svo, but that didn’t work.


Hi @Franny please try again now.


OK, I didn’t get any error messages. So, we’ll see. Thanks!