|Marketplace need a higher contrast between forground, background and button text


The contrast is still very poor in the High fidelity.
If i open the store in the tablet in desktop mode. You can barly see the text on the button.

Mabye it’s because i do not have a mac ? :roll_eyes:

Or just mnake buttons and text darker so you have a higher contrast. Not the soft baby room colors, high fidelity is using now.

Still vote for a better desktop user interface.


Maybe you can try to calibrate your monitor.


My monitor is perfect. i see all the grey colors on your chart perfect. The problem is that high fidelity need to stop using colors 164-255 because the are to light. especially combined with a white background or text.

Use something like 54 is getting betetr. i would more go for 18 on the buttons.


This would be awesome. I have trouble reading the buttons sometimes. (bad eyes).