Marketplace objects disappear from the domain



there is something wrong with my domain since yesterday. Every time I go online - after a few hours - all my objects from the marketplace have disappeared. :thinking:

I have a backup, but it seems, this only fix it for a little time before they disappear again.

Please don’t send me to the new support. The guys are very kind, always ask questions. But never come back with a result, sorry.


Okay, it seems I’ve ‘fixed’ it by rezzing everything again from the inventory.


This same thing was happening with marketplace items in my domain for a time a couple months back. I just stopped trying to rez anything I purchased. I asked around then but nobody seemed to know what might be the problem. It seems to be working OK for now.


Did you make any changes to your domain networking or place names or restore a content set recently?

When Marketplace items are rezzed and they make a record of the domainID of where they’re placed on the blockchain. The domain server checks this periodically (the exact frequency is set by the ‘dynamic domain verification’ setting in your server’s Settings > Entities > Advanced Settings section) and if the domainID of a certified marketplace item is different than the last registered one, the server will remove it. You can see if this is what’s causing your marketplace items to be removed by opening up your Domain Server logs and searching for a message similar to this one:

[10/23 20:47:18] [DEBUG] [hifi.entities] [13996] [entity-server] Entity's cert's domain ID "" doesn't match the current Domain ID "a82c4ad1-95e5-4e6c-a675-f9de1adaea4d" ; deleting entity [entity-id: "{285ba29a-d2b5-48ba-9956-da12f4ba01d8}" ]

I don’t know all of the cases that can cause a domainID to change, and this isn’t the only reason for things disappearing (they will also do so if you try to rez an item in multiple places, but I’m guessing that isn’t the case here!), but I’ve had this happen where all marketplace items disappear after changing place names or networking settings, because both of those can cause the domainID to be changed on the server. But, this can sometimes narrow down what might be happening.


I am worried that this domainID check and remove “feature” might be a big problem in some cases. Unanswered questions I have include, does the domainID change when updating server versions? do they change when the server version update includes a protocol change?

I can see problems if someone buys things from the Marketplace and places them in their domain, buildings, furniture, plants and terrain. This can take time and effort that people would not want to have to repeat.

At the very least it would lock them into keeping a placename that they might want to change or having everything disappear when a network setting was changed either inadvertently by themselves or by whoever was hosting the domain.

It would be nice to know all and exactly what can cause this domainID change removal of items to occur.


It was. My place name was running out last day, and I was a little to late to renew it. I didn’t know that the PoP license is also linked so tight to the domain/place name.

At Moment, with only a few objects on a domain it isn’t a big problem. But if someone build a whole domain with plants and a lot of stuff from the marketplace, it could be annoying, when everything is lost and you need to set up it again. Maybe people must be aware about this more.

Thank you for your fast and detailed help @MissLiviRose :slight_smile:


So, after reading this. And did a few :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: words.

I would say this domainID system is not working.
You never delete content automatic from domain based on number that is changed.

What if you move the whole content to other server. Different IP, Or you not use a placename. In this case change a placenname seems already destructive enough to say. No, better not use high fidelity.

Now am getting curious if @Adrian not got bit in some way to with earth. I know that where not marketplace items.

@Skimi Where the object really deleted. Or just hidden and you only did see the outlined box and in entity list the where still visible ? Is it not mabye temp. rezz setting and it got automatic deleted because that ?


Hi @Richardus.Raymaker, they were wiped out from the domain. No green boxes.

Actually, I can handle it if I know what happens when and why. I didn’t go deeper into the documentation, maybe it’s explained there. But it wouldn’t be a bad way if HF would create more clarity, better visible in a simple way. If, on the other hand, the authors knew how PoP works (that it’s not just a few sentences on one paper), it would create confidence.


In most cases, no. The (unexplained) items that were going missing on my domain were random, some from my own server, some from the marketplace and even some from the ATP, no rhyme or reason that I could tell. The items are still on my server (and ATP) and the URL hadnt changed. No green placeholders left. Just gone without trace.
In the case of the missing loft on NewNewYork, yes it was a marketplace item but there were no changes in the domain ID at that time, again no reason that we could find. Its just a glitch, no point pretending it didnt happen. It happened. A couple of times.

I am just as astounded to hear that an item would be deleted if the domain ID changes. I have no idea what that is all about, I am sure there are good reasons but I can assure you that it will cause endless headaches to users. As if its not bad enough the way the content works now that everything is temporary. Earth domain has been running for several years now and half of everything that was ever there is now gone due to the transient nature of user hosted items. One simple change in the URL and all is gone. (in this case at least a green box is left).
Just because there is an item in your domain today doesnt mean it is always going to stay there, if it is hosted on someone elses server it is at the mercy of that person maintaining the hosting forever (never gonna happen in most cases). You will all eventually lose content to hosting dropout. This was always a questionable system in my opinion. (But what do I know. I can only share my experience.)

To add one more point of failure to an already unreliable system like this and I have to agree with Richardus, we are set to self destruct. Too many points of possible failure.


I’d like to share my own issues I’m having right now, I’ve been trying to solve this problem for months, with no success.

In this interactive performance project I’m doing, I have 8-9 actors interacting with a variety of entities (as theatrical props). We have 3 ‘special’ props: an exploding boom box, a gun that fires with a ‘bang’ sound and muzzle flash, and a laptop that starts to smoke when a trigger is pressed. The boom box and laptop are 3D models from turbosquid with scripts attached to them to make them explode and smoke. The gun is an old highfi asset (not currently in the marketplace) with a script attached for the sound and muzzle flash. All three entities are hosted on the server of one of our collaborators (@alphaversiond) and are rezzed by adding the URL to the Running Scripts section of the edit menu.

We often rez multiple iterations of each object. In the case of the gun, we could have up to 6-8 of them in use at the same time.

Multiple actors all have and use the same URLs to rez these items. So I might rez a gun, and 3-4 actors might also be rezzing a gun. All of us using the same url in our own Running Scripts area.

Very often during rehearsal, these items will randomly disappear. Even worse, sometimes they are visible to half of the actors BUT NOT TO THE OTHER HALF. I’ve literally had moments where four of us are saying “where is the gun” and the other four are saying “are you guys crazy, he’s holding the gun right there!”. Or someone will rez the laptop, and they can see it perfectly fine, but nobody else can. It’s quite existential, haha.

Since I’m not a maker/coder/scripter I’m constantly assuming it’s me doing something wrong or not understanding the nuances of High Fi. But I continue to seek solutions as this problem is getting in the way of having a solid performance, as you can imagine.


If this is what happens, that pop object are deleted because the domainid get changed… I think it would need a way to claim our domain id back when we start the server for a new installation.

Maybe something like:
You start the new server if some invalid pop are found, you would have to decide between 2 options:
a- Wipe all the invalid pop entities and start
b- Claim the original domain id
If you chose ‘a’, then the server start with the pop entities deleted.
if you chose ‘b’ the server won’t start, but a claim request would be sent to Hifi.
(where only the owner can log in and accept the claim request)
when the sever get started again, the pending claim is attempted again but this time it will be confirmed.

Just it was an idea, maybe it’s totally not working like that at all.


I’m having this same problem, items I’ve purchased from the marketplace will just disappear at random. As far as I can tell the only thing that has changed is me updating other models I’ve created.

It’s a real pain having to re rez them and adjust the position and size all over again.


We just did a demonstration last night for someone interested in using our framework. During the demonstration things were popping in and out of existence, however they were not marketplace assets. I’ve been able to narrow this down to physics ownership and level of detail. Something strange happens when you have specific graphics settings configured and we were able to get around the issue by cranking World Detail all the way up, and setting the shadows OFF. Those settings changes were enough to stabilize the demonstration. I will also add, the items that tended to vanish the most frequently were of a small volume and low poly count. Hence, things like the backdrop modeled environment stayed put, as well as high-poly high-FOV content. I have a hunch this is simply a design choice in the source code, and since a work-around is able to fix things for my purposes; I’ll simply hang-back until they iron things out.

– side note – the studio is ready for your next production, but we would like to demonstrate what we can offer this time around.


Thanks for the update. In my observations, it’s been similar in that the items vanishing are all small hand props, low poly and small volume as well.

Looking forward to a demonstration of what you’ve been working on! Let’s do it!


You would think that low poly is the last thing LOD touch.
Seems opposite in high fidelity.

I think the can better improve the LOD function and combine that with a draw distance.


Should be based on the size versus the distance.
No need to see the little coke bottle at 3km… But we would like to continue to see the mountains at 20 km.