Marketplace packaging issues


Sometimes I get discouraged here and contemplate options. Things seem to be getting better but then I run into new problems either with old stuff… or new.

Yesterday and today I have been trying to package my big-little build to submit it for PoP stuff. But I’ve run into problems.

For one, exporting a JSON does not seem to include zones.

A bigger problem is that unless I set everything to being locked, the unlocked things do not appear in the correct positions when they are imported back to HiFi.

Most of the time this is not an issue but for some things, for example scripts that need to write to user data, like the sit scripts used to tell if the seat is being sat on, this is a problem.

As usual, it is probably just that I don’t know how to do it, but I try looking for documentation and come up with little.


I mean they need to add to the Asset Browser for to get a url
like “modelURL”: “atp:/xxx/zoneXYZ”,
Here I just stuck too-( how to do it.
When you have mark all objects and the zone under “Create/List”
you can Export the Selection.
Seams its has all in the JSON but you have to enable manual the Key Light-(
after you have load then from Edit - Import Entities from URL
update 2:
Enable Key Lights
Enable Ambient Light
while this both slip to off