Massive model bug thing atp?


2 of the sofas on my shop domain have seemingly exploded to a massive size whilst in the atp

the assets still show as being in their original locations but appear to have lost their textures

I had this happen b4 on a different domain i somtimes run but didnt mention it as i thought it was just one of those things


Hi Judas,

Which version are you on and can you send me the asset?



@chris Im on the latest 6435 version and call me dumb but how do i locate which asset it is in the list they all have long numbery names but in hifi its listed as atp:/sofa.fbx?


It’s mabye secure, but a pain when you want to recovery some object. You need to download them all and look at it with FBXviewer. :hushed:

@judas, did you not pulled the textures ouyt of the FBX and are the seperate on ATP ? and mabye there’s a problem with that ?


im not going through 100anonymous assets,
I havent touched the models on shop in ages


Welcome in hell ! :scream::rage:
Try a relog. Last time soem asset where complete gone. next time it where spontanic back.


oh cleared the cache and it seems to have fixed it

and no once i re log it goes back to broken

will get someone else to come to shop and tell me if they see massive white sofa