Maximum mesh dimention?


What is the maximum size a mesh can be? I’m talking dimensions rather than vert count or file size.
I’m asking because I put out some large models as land , carefully arranged all my builds on them, and a couple of days later they had vanished
It happens kinda frequently with big models . The stack manager didn’t make any back ups despite the changes.
So i’m thinking this is either a size limit or a bug.
The domain was set so only I can build there so I’m fairly sure it wasn’t removed by someone else.
Other possibility is meshes that partly cross the domain borders


@judas, so this problem still appears in high fidelity that prims spontanic dissapear.
If there’s a size limit, i think it would be good if high fidelity is then limiting the size you can make it to avoid problems.

What size where the ? Test with cubes and see wich ones stay ?


I’ve had a 16k x 16k terrain mesh out on Avalon for awhile now with no problems that I’ve noticed. But I also have had other things randomly disappear lately. I just thought it was the same bug that was introduced two Fridays ago, or that someone (even me) had inadvertently deleted, moved or shrunk the object.


@Judas I was just about to ask the same question. Wow!

What is the optimal maximum mesh size to not impact performance of someone flying through a domain. I am working to make city blocks and need to set the standard block size that works best for everyone.


could it be the meshes are there but HF does not show them.

Something with too complex meshes ?

It is a bit strange, you are alone on your domain. Nothing moves just the mesh just uploaded. So there is not really a high fps required. Nevertheless interface then sometimes jumps in to preserves the framerate at some level, derezzing objects.

So that the mesh are there on the domain, but not there on the interface ?


Hi @Judas can you send me your model.svo file from your backups? Can you go back to an older version and see the model?


Hi @chris it hasn’t been backing up recently so i don’t have a recent enough back up to reflect the changes.
The model wasn’t listed int the svo file.I also had my duck dodgers model vanish and a huge planet earth.
If i get some time tomorrow ill swap out my domain with a empty one and just try it with large models and see if i can do something reproducible.