Maximum shapes tested


Has anyone attempted to max out the number of objects in a domain yet? Do we have a standard model for that type of load testing? I would like to conduct some test next week.

I have a need for 2 million models; however, they are mostly the same shapes and can have inclusion to only show shapes in visible area.


As far as I know, the number of objects is only part of the equation, although 2 million objects would be a real test of its own.
If you have 2 million different textures I would say you will hit some limits, but if you can reuse most of the textures then that will drastically reduce the strain because each image must load.

I dont know if the models being the same shape offers any advantage but as above if they were 2 million iterations of the exact same object then there would be considerable savings, if they were a minimalistic poly count all the better, but one really complex object can run up the poly count.

Then your specs come into play, your stack environment, upload speed and in particular your webserver speeds, slow webserver = slow rendering of models.