Maxmimo auto-rigged avatar, hifi, no skeleton?


Ok, what’s wrong try to make avatar with maxmio. all the steps worked.
Auto rigging too, except it’s thumb work with soem settings. downloaded the maximo avatar back to disk. checked inblender it looks like i see some rigging.

But hifi is tellling me that there’s no skeleton !

MyAvatar model has no skeleton


did you package the model in hifi?


This sounds silly… What you mean ?
Ok, i found under option to the pack. Now i need to get that working…
Afraid that’s not going to work. not sure what it want to pack. it’s a complete fbx file with everything inside.

Well, it’s saying after pack it and upload that directory "Changing skeleton model for avatar to " But the avatar is not changing. ok, the size is to big i want to make a beter one later when this one first works.

Found the manual, but i did the upload from teh webpage. hmm… reading.

This link above seems dead (2015-08-29)


Hi @Richardus.Raymaker , let me know how you go after following the docs.


@chris. Yes with the docs it worked perfect, it seems you need to upload it from maximo. if you do it from the website it breaks. Only have a bit shiny hair.

A bit sad you only have 10 rigs, uhmm 8 left.


that’s what im doing wrong. possible.