Maya 2017 LT discussion


I just learned about Maya LT from another thread Random Picture Thread

I have had a play with Maya in the past and it is amazing compared to Blender, I would switch in a heartbeat if the price was right, and it seems it might be now.
I would like to invite @OmegaHeron @AlphaVersionD and anyone else with knowledge or experience about it.

I read there was a low poly limit on FBX exports and that this limit was increased, there is mention of 65K in one thread but I cant confirm, does anybody know what the new limit is?

Are there any other limitations with the LT version according to our needs in Hifi?



Both the Alpha Quintessance (cruise ship) and the Port Terminal imported into Maya LT from .fbx and .obj

I’ll fetch poly counts later today when I get to the lab.

Be warned…

UN-learning your camera control from Blender has been the single biggest problem for me. The second pain point is I was/am a Blender hotkey ‘power user’ I use hotkeys to quickly manage tasks in Blender. Whereas, every tutorial I watch you must navigate a series of clickable menus or UI and remembering where that is has proved difficult.



Only 4* the price of Netflix a month .what does it do blender won’t?


In my week working with it, seems you are paying for the privilege of saying you use Maya. :smiley:

Well, in all honesty, you do not get the iRay Rendering Engine with LT, and for the things I use Blender for, Maya LT doesn’t seem like a required replacement. I can easily use the iRay rendering inside Substance Painter if I need a sneak peek. I thought it might help me gain an edge on Blender users while I prepare for a full-on PBR rework of my content set, but it was taking me too long to become acquainted with the UI and ultimately simply not needed. There are maps like Ambient Occlusion that will not carry over from Blender. I might decide in the future that it is critical; but at that point in time, Blender might include it inside the .fbx exporter. So… who knows?

I’m sure someone that uses it full-time would be much more proper to respond, but it is unlikely they use LT. I do feel justified spending the monthly payment just to “be sure and not sorry”. They got me for a one-time, one-month subscription; and I got closure that I’m not missing out. :blush: I know I’ll stick with Blender and Allegorithmic Substance Products for now.


Just in my experience the people who do the best work would still do the best work with a doggy poop on a stick. The software has little influence


It does many really good things, remember when you first started using blender and thought it was awkward, clumsy and unintuitive? Maya takes all that away because its very intuitive, with Blender when you join 2 meshes together thats it, you get one unworkable mesh which can never be separated. Maya enables you to click between separate meshes after joining, this saves a massive amount of time. Its smarter, easier and faster to work with (allowing for ones expertise with hotkeys and the need to relearn hotkeys from any new software), there are more tools and more flexibility, many more options. It handles those massive models that are too big for blender, like the city of Venice.

Having used both Maya and Blender I say Maya is 5 times as good as Blender which is why Blender is free and Maya costs an arm and a first born. I cant afford standard Maya but I can afford $50 aud a month.

However the news from Alf isnt good. Missing critical components like a rendering engine is a worry, and I worry about what else is missing, for 10% of the original price stuff will definitely be missing.

The learning new techniques and unfamiliar hotkeys is just part of the curve, I had no trouble shifting from Blender to Maya in a workflow situation, but I am worried about being shortchanged on features.

Thanks for your feedback.



My beloved dad always said: “It’s a poor man, blames his tools.”


Looks like Imma stay with poop on a stick for now :poop:

Seriously though Blender does pretty much everything I need, for free it is excellent and I dont complain, but there are better ones, Maya (standard) is better imho and dont we all want better? Cost is the killer. :money_mouth:


That mabye explsin why the minigolf parts are so terrible in blender. mabye i did something wrong or it
’s the part. st some point the minigolf where all seperate faces in blender.

@adraing, you can split joined faces etc. again in blender. Only with my last minigolf project it where very hard todo because the scale. But you can unjoin in nlender !

So why pay big bucks every month to maya i not habe anyway. and then get some interface back that make you run away. Already mirace that you mabye can adjust ui scale.


wot like this ?


@Richardus.Raymaker I know you can split selected faces, that not what I mean, @Judas is demonstrating what I mean and I honestly wasn’t aware of this function (CTRL L) until I searched after seeing the gif.

Do you have any idea how many hours I spent trying to untangle joined mesh, worse than fishing on a windy day.
Thanks Judas my man you just improved my productivity and gave me another reason to save my money.

BTW @Richardus.Raymaker what you describe seems like the result of an object exported with full edge split modifier applied, this can be reversed by removing doubles, but then you sometimes have to split edges before export to get a nice finish with the shaders anyway.
I didnt take the minigolf into Blender so I dont know if they were supplied with edge split applied.


U can also assign any bits u like to vertex groups which u can also use to re select specific parts…
Problem with all this stuff is knowing what its called to know what to google.
Im forever finding out new things it will do i just found a cool plugin thing u can use to turn real maps into well watch the vid


Raise your hand if you think @Judas should teach Blender classes in HiFi. :stuck_out_tongue:


Just pretend blender was really expensive and that guilt u have because of its price will melt away


Well - in my month of using it… the only thing that I found maya LT superior for, so far, is working with PBR materials. It does make it much easier to properly assign parameters for those than using Blender - either way it’s tedious, but, for doing large combined builds with lots of PBR parts – I’d pay my 30 for a month of maya just for the ease it offers there. I find substance tools far more valuable than maya, so far.


Blender 2.8, PBR, coming soon.


Well - I’ll be looking forward to trying it out. If it allows both previewing scenes and assigning texture stacks as easily as Maya LT I’ll be happy to save 30$ here and there. :wink:


That makes me really excited :slight_smile:


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