Maya avatar scale


Im trying to texture up an avatar using Maya which im practically clueless with
i have it rigged through mixamo but have run into the colission capsule being massive in hifi problem
this is due to thge scale of the model
"The scale of the mesh needs to be 0.01
Before I knew that my avatar collision shape was huge."
i know how to fix this in blender but if i take it into that it will break all the pbr textures

can anyone give me a clue how to get the avatars scale where it needs to be to not explode the colission in maya?

knows about the cruddy bits lol


Probably the skeleton also needs to be, but I swear @ozan put some details somewhere sometime ago about it.

Also not sure exactly what you mean by breaking the pbr textures in Blender? I haven’t had any issues with that, aside from the alpha mapping rule, embedding rules (if embed, dont put in separate folders, keeping everything in the same folder and the model when binding textures) and the glossiness.


why does a maya question allways get a blender answer

but as u ask a substance painted object seemed to be applying colour to the glossynes map that wasnt transfered in blender like it was in maya, ie it worked as expected in hf from maya but not from blender. and i figured as i do have both pieces of software i would attempt to save my self the hassle of everybloodything failing due to none standard fbx
then in some small way i could say hey developers i tried this in maya which you guys guarnatee works perfectly heres the file what went wrong
which is kinda what i was doing b4 it got turned into a what about blender kinda thing


Because you mentioned switching from blender due to a issue without having posted a thread about having one in the first place and you know how much I love to derail threads about blender :wink: