Maybe a bug with the repeat of emissive texture


I have a mesh with material textures, and a emissive texture. the AO and emissive have a repeat of 1x1, the other material textures a repeat of 10x10. The repeat of 1x1 for AO works, but the repeat of 1x1 for the emissive texture will be ignored and it get repeated in the value of the other material textures, in this case 10x10.


It seems that the repeat always follow the diffuse one. I have to add a white texture to use a repeated normal map. I think this is a bug in blender (maybe in the fbx export)
I read on another forum a few months ago that blender wasn’t support the repeat for the normal map (which is not true). They visibly didn’t know the trick… so they had the issue and it was on Sansar…
Which led me to think that it’s a blender issue, and not an HF one.


I see you have periods (decimal) in your image names as a result of the blender auto naming when adding a new texture. You might want to try to remove the periods,this has caused unpredictable problems for me in the past.

Also make sure all the images are in the same folder as the .blend and exported .fbx, if that doesn’t work then suggest reporting a bug for the emissive map.

Can anyone with Maya confirm if emissive repeats work?


Also, looks like you are using the same material in blender, you can technically use multiple materials with one UV map, this way might have better results for the emissive map.