Meanwhile in Second Life


Just snapped this pic of a Holiday Market. [Arosa SL][1]
HiFi can and will do this better…soon. I am not disrespecting HiFi, but this place in SL felt much more immersive to me. As an ersatz content creator, I wish I had better tools to do my job. (PS: My avatar is a lot hotter, lol)
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Its about the quantity of people . Second life has a vast number of people who have been creating assets for a long time. When you come to build a scene like that in secondlife , you skim your inventory and the market and you have a ton of choice
In hifi there are like 10 creators and we all work in isolation all the time.The result is we’re spread thin.


…in isolation all the time.

Yeah. Maybe we should do something about that. I have a VERY large project I’m taking on. I wanted it to be an equally large surprise but I’m not sure I’ll be able to finish in any realistic time frame without the help of others. It’s just daunting. Granted, I just got started this week after finishing the physics hull for “winter scene” but it didn’t take long for me to realize just how much of a chunk I chose to bite off.

I want to give myself a fair chance to make progress during the holiday before opening the flood gates so-to-speak, I’ve been doing VR for about 3 years now and have read the “best practices” guide from Oculus cover to cover probably 5 times at least. :smiley: This has lead me to a pretty solid conclusion on the path the (my) project needs to go. I had to abandon the London Eye project because I would need a physics hull that has the ability to rotate. Therefore, each “pod” would become it’s own model, and would need to account for spacing, and the “tie-in” to the greater “wheel”… yadda yaaddda… just a nightmare-ish situation. So I kinda bailed on that. Sorry.

Then of course we had the Avatar situation with Architect. That’s all I have to say about that…

I guess the point I’m really trying to make here is that I have NUMEROUS abandoned projects, and what I’ve decided to embark upon this time, is something of a personal quest. It will be my crowning achievement here in High Fidelity (I hope). I estimate I’ll need about 3 to 6 months to get it “Alpha-ready” wish me luck…


I wish you luck, Alpha, and I need it, too. My goals are ambitious, but my skill falls far short. I have had to spend more time in Blender than HiFi. I can’t wait to see what you create.


Meanwhile Linden Lab is freaking me out. The still don’t get it. That could be good for High fidelity. If the do it right. But, without default implemented chat. Im still ot sure how it end.


I have to disagree with your root cause, @Judas It is not about tons of assets there vs. here. It is all about the ease of building things from scratch and some odd priorities related of providing some of the most basic things here. This does bring up yet again my growing frustration with HF: priorities.

Here, in HF, ease of building is not in the picture. Yes, you can instantiate a mesh model rather quickly if all the parameters of that model happen to line up within the limited set of buggy fbx/obj implementations. If they fall outside the current narrow acceptance criteria such as, no textures or materials in folders, no blanks or special characters in names, etc, then the builder is faced with a very long and painful manual conversion process. If a builder wants to create an assembly of parts, something critical to articulating parts, well, that’s just not possible yet. Just look at all those little cabins in the winter area. All doors not swinging simply because they can’t be attached to the cabin. This all points to a serious lack of required basic methods to implement almost anything without having to resort to extreme hacks.

The real issue is not quantity of people. It is the lack of tools and the lack of many required features that make it possible to build things quickly. It is the lack of many things that though having been acknowledged as must-do are clearly treated as low priority.

It is also having to fix a seriously deficient method of editing what entities are there to manipulate using mouse and keyboard methods. I might eventually or sooner get some hand controllers but I can pretty much guarantee that when I’m on the road I’d likely not carry them with me.

I can understand having a strong goal to manipulate objects naturally - there seems to be an all hands huge push on getting HMD/Hand controllers going, but frankly, HF then needs more developers if it wants to move forward in getting content creators to make stuff. When is that going to happen? What’s the estimated time table for that?

We designers who can make some very nice things in SL, InWorldz, OpenSim, Unity, etc. would love to do that right now and not next year. There are simy too many basic features missing to do that.

I want to make these things now in the next month and not have to work on it for year: (eagle with articulating wings, moving head) (pinball machine) linkable doors (assembly aware) (linked objects - assemblies) (attached skis, dynamic anims based on terrain, object slope)


Well, some audio stream did throw me in all the corners.
And going 180 degree against the flow. I think you can easy say.

Yes we want a new secondlife. At l;east i like the idea and am sure many others too, but better ! And i cannot place high fidelity in any corner. not opensim not secondlife. most close where high fidelity can be placed is sansar. It after the last stream that just the type of grid you really not want. sorry it’s not a grid. It sounds more like a big disaster.

High Fidelity can be a bigger sucses if it’s going to be a optimized Secondlife with good HMD support and without the annoying build size and camera angle.

And offcorse much cheaper then Secondlife. but that’s already solve din High Fidelity because you can run your own sim. And the other technical part could be solved easy to with the assets. Because at that point high fidelity is already beyond Secondlife with flexibiliy. Only not with security etc.

Ok, done with blowing steam for now.

ADD: Especially a better and cheaper Secondlife replacement !


Meanwhile, it looks like high fidelity is getting a hard time. It looks like is on the losing side.
SanSar seems for now to give more what people want then high fidelity. Most people i speak are heading that way.

But the real answer is somewhere in 2016


I still havent seen enough of project sansar, only teases to put anything to it as many testers are afterall, under NDA; so everything available is conjecture. I am in the waiting camp, but i need to see more before doing any comparisons.

After all they made an educated decision not to call it second life II or something of the sort, because they want to make something different as far as I know. We have to also remember they are quite focusing on HMDs in that world as well.


Winning and loosing its so subjective and it all depends on perspective.The people who say we’re loosing to Sansar are people who want to play second life. That’s like having a web browser that only lets you view porn.Sure alotta people would be happy with that but what if you like gardening.
I think as I ranted about before trying to make another second life is kinda pointless there already is a very good one. I kinda think Sansar is a bad idea for linden lab it strikes me as very Gerald Ratner (At a their Institute of Directors Annual Convention he called his own products crap). Secondlife is far from crap and far from dead. I think Sansar is a knee jerk reaction to HIFI and could prove an own goal diluting and confusing its diminishing audience.

Hifi is something else


Where, not found a good secondlife 2 that’s cheap and fix some problems from secondlife 1. There’s right now no replacement for secondlife. opensim is still far behind. but at least cheaper.

Hifi feels for people a dead end now the really focus on HMD and voice. Offcourse we not know what sansar will be.


SL1 is running on stored heat. It has a continually declining user base but it has sufficient numbers of people still to make a slowly diminishing profit. Sansar seems to be LL’s attempt to step up to next generation concepts and grab themselves a new user base. No idea on the details and no idea yet how that will turn out, but then I am not particularly interested in it and definitely not that interested in all the SL-style virtual worlds out there.

My interest is in the next generation concepts of HF but also interested in making sure that multiple use case modalities are implemented well. Furthermore, as a designer, I want to be able to create content sooner than later, and am somewhat concerned that what was working WRT editing and setting up content has been broken or maybe just set aside while the devs go full bore on HMD/natural-input work.

Getting back to the OP, what was succinctly stated is that content development here sucks presently compared to legacy grids. It is really that simple and a question I hope gets answered: is there strong interest in HF mgt to help out content creators now? Or, is the priority entirely on natural input, hence no relief on fixing keyboard/mouse content creation?

I just want to know so that I can schedule my time here and to determine the sorts of things I expect to be able to do here in the next month, three months, six months, etc.


@Balpien_Hammere I’ve started looking at doing an edit.js alternative - a rewrite from the ground up - in my spare time. A bit early to tell how it will pan out, though. Should know more in a couple of weeks.


Meanwhile in sl,
There are still a lot of friends around in there,
Daily cool musicians performing and that is really awesome.
This is gonna be the eight year for the glazen house of the serious request inworld,

That is actually pretty good :wink:

Although it has lost some of it’s magic, it is stil going strong.

The future will bring exiting stuff, with the rift, 3d cams, it will probably even integrate with rl … wait I doubt that will happen in sl, something new must be on the horizon …


Sadly, the anchors are flying left and right around me if you talk about high fidelity or sansar. it’s still full on the breaks for many.,