Meeting notes May 16


Great meeting all and welcome to the new alpha users.


How to add mesh objects

1.Add the script editmodels.js

2.This will then add a new cube on the right hand side of Interface.

3.You can then add .fbx models that you have stored on remote servers. In the future we could enable the ability to upload to our system.

To move, resize, twist the model you can use the following combinations:

left click: translate in the plane in front of you.
shift + left click: translate in the plane you “stand on”
right click: rotate around x and y
shift + right click: rotate around x and z
left + right click + move mouse up and down: Scales the model


The location that we add in projects that the community can work on.

The Embrace

Ryan came in wearing the PrioVR suit and gave us a great demo of how it works. Very exciting to see.

For the new Alpha users here are a couple of good forum posts to have a read of:

Fun and useful scripts:
Uploading your own avatar
Avatar Attachments



I am having some trouble with the new editmodels.js script. After placing the mesh, when I try to click it to resize/move it, my clicks only occasionally register. The larger the mesh is, the less often I am able to manipulate it at all. Anyone else having this issue?


#3 is the wrong website, it should be



Ryan’s using the PrioVR at the Friday meetup was brilliant, the speed and response of him tapping like playing the drums was fantastic, but i am gutted now after seeing that, I PreOredered a stem system couple months ago, 3 stems at 350 euro.

I think now i might have made a bad choice, a PrioVR 17 sensor kit would have been cheaper for me… and looks a lot better… and sixence allready took the money from my account. :frowning:



Tell them you no longer want it, to refund your money or you will tell your bank that it was an unauthorized transaction and start a fraud investigation. Either way you will get the money back into your account (if your bank is anything like Wells Fargo).

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Thanks David,

I think i might just do that, and see what happens anyway…

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I am a new user to the Alpha and I am thrilled to take part. I am also delighted that I was able to download a base mesh female model, skeleton and UV into maya via autodesk character generator. I was wondering what works better with High Fidelity, quads or triangulate. I tend to favor quads as it gives me a clean line of vertices for rigging.
I have not yet ventured into Faceshift and I’m hoping I can also do the same, get the base head and skeleton into Maya for a custom build and rig that will show expressions. Has anyone done that yet? I’d love tips.