Meeting today @ 2 PM PST, Playa


Come to today’s in-world meeting at the Playa at 2 PM PST (21:00 GMT).

We’ll be talking about the new release, answering your questions and concerns, and Philip will be joining us with a special guest from Wired magazine!

See you then!



Is anyone else but me stuck in (NOT CONNECTED)? oO


I dropped the vive. because the framerate is not fixt on playa. it only got worse with build 5029. This need to be fixt very soon. Also i see more times the vive screen.


Grrrr… the new Interface did NOT pop up the usual log in dialog to indicate I wasn’t logged in, it simply sat there like a bump on a log as if not-logged-in-ness was the new normal. oO Apparently that’s why I was stuck in (NOT CONNECTED) mode and nothing was rezzing.


I have been unavailable, as Ive holding panels on VR the entire weekend at a local convention :slight_smile: without much access to net


HEY! Was wondering where you’ve been. @Horsche has a question about a 4 legged avatar. Maybe you could help out?


Sure, you guys can always leave a direct message and ask the questions there. 4 or multi legged critterd should be completely doable, but one needs to make an animation set for them


@AlphaVersionD thanks for the referral @Menithal yes indeed I want to affect a horse avatar. I’ve been fighting Maya’s fbx exporter which is delaying my animation sets though, poor scrunched up horse. I’d love to get together with you and discuss this subject.

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