Meetup - 2pm PST, December 11th


Hi All,

The meetup today will be @ 2pm PST. Location hifi://sandbox/winter


  • Graphics talk from Sam
  • Avatar talk from Ozan
  • Alpha forums.
  • Winter smashup



Hmmmmm… I could hear voice when I first arrived, but then it stopped. Might have been related to me adjusting the LOD Tools slider. oO Will relog now.

edit: Logged back in, could hear voice briefly, and then it stopped again. This time I did nothing but log in, and then change the focus to Firefox. oO


Well - I crash after about 10 seconds. Was fine when I first came in around 2pm now it’s consistent - rez in crash.


@chris Here is the link to CrtlAltDavid’s inspect.js script:

He has a page about it at:

It allows you to orbit and zoom with alt mouse drag (and to orbit vertically with ctrl alt mouse drag) which then leaves the camera at the new position and rotation until you move your avatar, which is very handy for editing and taking snapshots. This is probably not so good when using an HMD but for keyboard, mouse and monitor it works well.

He also has a version of defaultScripts.js that includes it and his chat.js script:

If you try any of these scripts out, you must delete from running scripts the old inspect.js (and defaultScripts.js, if you use it) for it to work correctly.

I recommend using a modified defaultScripts.js because otherwise you will have to delete the old inspect.js from running scripts every time you restart interface.

I have also made my own version of defaultscripts.js that only replaces inspect.js:


Meetup video from last week:


Along with the gamma fixes, please oh please work on the skybox color mixing. We desperately need a mixer value to let us adjust the exposure and color contribution of the skybox color space and some static value we can set. That let us be able to determine the strength of the mix.


Te other issue is shadow strength. It’s too strong. Again there needs to be a mixture/focus setter to allow us to set the dynamic range and overall sharpness of shadow casting.


Overall, color mapping (tone mapping) really needs scriptable or manually settable adjustments. The critical reason is that there are different viewing scenarios: human vision, video contrast range, film camera effect. Anyone wanting to do machinima really needs this. You can hang these setters off of zones.


I couldn’t make this meetup, not enough lead time to open up my schedule to attend it, but I have to say Thank you Chris for making a vid of it. This was the highest quality meetup to date. The level of information, futures disclosure and process advice presented to us alphas at that meeting was superb.


@Chris Just viewed the meetup video. If you want me to update the “official” inspect.js script with my mods, just let me know.


I’m liking everything I am hearing about avatars here!


Is there or will there be a transcript of at least some of what was said? Parts of it were hard to hear.