Meetup! April 22nd 14:00 PST. @ playa


Ahoy Alphas!

I’m planning our meetup for tomorrow at the Playa, at 2 PM PST.

Before we start, I’d like to know if there’s things you’d like to talk about, topics you’d like to explore or questions you’d like answers to. I’m thinking we ought to do some show & tell, too, if you’ve made something cool and would like to present it.

Just let me know!



Topic for discussion If hifi is going to become a Unity clone, may we have a community portal where users can share code models discuss ideas whilst inside high fidelity?


A couple of things:

I can’t make it to the meetup or any further ones simply because the latest build blows out my computer’s graphics. Probably others have similar issues, so would you please make a vid of the meetup. @chris used to do that - a nice service.

Second, for planning purposes, since some of us do work on other projects not HF related (myself included), I’d like you to review the ‘Bugs’ and ‘Help/Troubleshooting’ categories and give us a rough list of which of the bug and problems listed therein, that stop us from doing useful creative things here, will be addressed. I’m fine with quarterly estimates. If that is too much at least tell us which items on those two categories will get addressed by this quarter or the next quarter (which ends Sept30th). Even if the answer is ‘none will be fixed’ or ‘we don’t know’, that’s good to know too.

If the focus of the meetup is to get people to gift mostly static 3D models, that too is important to know.

Thanks much!


Thanks balpien (although not sure where you get this about 3d models)


And… @judas we’re making a Unity clone? :slight_smile: that’s news to me :slight_smile:


From here and several other places where you encourage people to make and submit models to the examples place - it is understandable since you are the director of content. The premise to the question I asked in this link is that unless some gaping holes and bugs are addressed nothing much except static or basic kinematic models will be available: Going out Staying in Judas's Blog:


Oh. Well naturally we want to see people start enjoying themselves and making stuff. That’s not the same as asking people to “give it away for free”

But sure, I see your point, since there isn’t DRM to protect the content, what’s the difference, right? Fair enough.

Although you can say the same thing to people running a website about “giving their images away for free” etc


Only difference is that 3D content usually has alot more effort put into it in than 2D ones, while 2D ones can always be “downrezed” to be sold as prints: No such luxury with 3D models, unless we count 3D printing… but even that is lower quality than the models, their textures, them selves.


Yah, we totally get it. We absolutely are working on a way to give content creators a means to both deliver and protect their assets. Let’s chat about it tomorrow!


I am still searching for the discussions that took place early last year about some simple first steps with DRM. My recollection (and brief summary) was that asset requests sent by domain servers or the interface app would also send headers containing auth tokens that the asset server could then use for authentication. The details are a bit more complex, but the gist is to provide standard hooks for authentication, an important feature a platform should provide.


I think that was the one I was suggesting a good while ago, but we would still be missing quite a few features for it


Yes! That is quite similar to what we’re planning.

We’ll keep you posted when it gets along to the formal roadmap. Basically much of the future of the platform, at least in terms of commercial and long-term persistent future success, is going to depend on this.


I look forward to this meeting I feel like everybody’s been reinvigorated with discussion look forward that’s always the key




Oh my god I’m terrified! :smiley:


High Fdelity would already be sommuch more usefull if it would have tools to ipload , make , change inworld terrain and have water. Mesh is just not working for that because it cannot be changed inworld.

For me terrain is the base of idea’s. That explain why it need to be changeable inworld. I have no problems to make the heightmap outside high fidelity. I have a nice tool for it. But it keeps a rough design.

The problems with the placement tool is another problem.


I just want to again point out this is not true elsewhere. Mesh can be changed and deformed inworld with the right code. InWorldz inlemented the terrain physics shape using tri-mesh (not a heightfield), which when you use the terrain editing tools to deform the terrain, the code dynamically deforms the physics mesh on-the-fly and resubmits it to the physics engine. It has been doing that since late 2012.

It could be done here.Whyit is not done here is still a mystery.

Anyway, have a great meeting. I hope allthose question we all asked will be answered and maybe even addressed.


I’m going to make sure terrain solutions are examined in our roadmap plan. How would you guys feel about a voxel based terrain engine like this!/content/8131


That looks cool. :joy: especially if you can use a heightmap to create a base terrain to load into your domain I hav e L3DT pro here to create terrains. texturing i need to figure out in that tool. STill need to start really using it :open_mouth:

TerraVol engine demo test


Or this: procedural generated terrain using water flow simulation.