Meetup - Feb 12th @ 2pm PST


Hi All,

Meetup today will be at our usual location: hifi://sandbox/winter .

  • Bug fixes
  • General Updates.



@chris would you please do a video of the meetup. I no longer try to be at the meetups. I think my experience is similar to others where the chance of interface crashes, loss of audio, inability to move goes way up as multiple avatars congregate. I hope that the underlying causative issues will get fixed but I suspect that’s not going to happen until after April.


In so far as inability to move - I can say some decent work has been done to correct that. It’s much better now than before when dealing with complex render cost scenes. I think work remains to be done there, but, there’s another set of changes involving scene rendering that has potential to augment gains seen in code already in place (this week).

A lot of audio work is being done and much of it points to helping and eventually correcting those issues.

Crashes are still around, but, with automated core dumps now being submitted, I can see a lot of code pushes aimed at squashing those - still a ways to go there yet.


There’s that PIC of 100 avatars so we’re all wrong it’s stable FACT
Is the some people can’t see atp assets bug being fixed ? Winter is on atp so they won’t see anything


It makes no sense to prioritize scene rendering over avatar movement. That’s a huge design bug, plain and simple.


Just to be clear. I don’t write the code or make decisions on right/wrong - nor am I necessarily describing it technically correct - I paraphrased a complex series of changes into my own words and described end result seen - an improvement in avatar mobility during complex scene loading. I’m sure it will see a lot more work ongoing.


Hmmmmm… Interface seems to have frozen to white-with-whirly-pointer for the last few moments, but I can still faintly hear the voice chat. oO



Had to quit out of Interface and come back in. And I see the issue where it drops the LOD Tools settings down to 0 is still in force. I’ve had to manually override that slider again.


Sounds like the white screen of death ‘WSOD’


Well, mostly I was seeing a freeze-frame of the scene, whitened a bit, with either “(Not Responding)” or “(NOT LOGGED IN)” (I forget which, probably the former) appearing at the title bar. But I could still hear the chat. Awhile later, tho, the window went solid-grey. I then had to quit out of it and relaunch.

On the other hand, on instances where this wasn’t happening, when I exitted out of Interface, it didn’t completely exit. The main window went away, but Judas’ chat window stayed up. I had to manually kill out of Interface.exe from Task Manager. Anyone else getting that?


I’ve been seeing this happen to me too. At least twice today I exited and did not get the crash reporter widget but when I tried to update found that Interface was still running. And also once saw running scripts that put up chat windows, etc. persist until I went into task manager and shut down Interface.


Here is the video from the meetup: