Meetup for 3rd of October 2pm PDT


Hi All,

Our meetup will be the 3rd of October @ 2pm PDT.

The Agenda:

  • Updates on Entities and new build tools
  • Leap on Rift. Rock, Paper, Scissors (I am currently 2-0 )
  • Updates on the Stack Manager. Our Metaverse server
  • Talking about physics and using Bullet Physics
  • Take two on showing you some metavoxels.
  • Show and tell from anyone.
  • Q&A

I am planning on being in the Rift-Leap the entire meeting.


Really enjoyed that meeting, lots of interesting stuff.

I need a new headset for when I talk although Iā€™m happy to just listen anyway.


Hey @chris is there a recording of this meetup please.


Here you go.

Also, I need a reliable solution to record all the audio on the same machine I am bradcasting.


Thanks @chris I appreciate it ,
Yeah you do, we still only have your voice here so the bulk of the meetup is just silence, while someone else talks.
Philip obviously spoke and now we cant hear a word of it.

I didnt think this would be such a challenge, dont we have a dedicated audio guy?

I will try to not miss any more of the meetups, that is the only way to get the info, seriously I have mentioned this before, and at the risk of repeating myself, and I think I speak for all the Alphas that cant make it to any meeting but still want to be a useful part of the program.

These meetups are the ONLY time we alphas get any new information, trying not to exaggerate, I personally wait all week for Fridays when I get a chance to ask a question and hear the latest developments. If I miss a meeting I am screwed.
There is NO other source of info, there are no blogs allowed, there is no repository of info, there are no docs on the new stuff and this is all completely understandable, Gitter is sparse, some questions go unanswered in the forum, many get answered by other alphas who are just guessing anyway, there is no chat history, we are largely on our own, and to make it harder there are just a few active alphas currently, lots of people have turned away and I cant help but feel its partly due to lack of information.
Obviously we cant depend on the Wiki, we are too far ahead of the Wiki, we are writing it as we go.

To miss a friday meetup means to miss forever, whatever info was disseminated at that meeting. Because it is said once to a dozen people at the meeting and thats pretty much the last time it is announced, we were once promised hard copy of the contents of the meetings, this info is irreplaceable gold, I need to stress this to the dev team without seeming pushy, we dont know what you are doing, all we know is what we are told at the Friday meet-ups.

thank you


@Adrian another resource (and this one is very detailed) is you can have a look at every checkin that goes into the system on a weekly basis. This is very detailed.