Meetup for Friday 26th of September at 2pm PDT


Hi All,

I hope you have had a great week.

The Agenda for tomorrow:

-Updates on the Oculus Connect conference.
-Updates on making Entities collide.
-Updates on Locations. (Have a look at the attached video for a preview :
-Demonstration of a procedural walk animation.
-Show and tell from Alphas

If you missed the Rock, Paper, Scissors game we played last week using the Leap controllers, you can watch the video:

See you tomorrow.




Is there a video of the meetup this week?

Just FYI, I’ll be be able to make it next week, as am in the UK now.

  • davedub


@davedub here you go


Thanks @Chris.

Is there any way we can include everyone’s speech in future? As it is, I can only hear you, other’s voices are so faint that it’s not possible to understand them.

Nice to see my walk script in use :slight_smile: I see your lower legs are a bit bent (splayed out) - I’d like to investigate that -what is your avi model called?

  • davedub