Meetup for Friday 2pm PST and a couple of cool videos


We are going to have our weekly meetup Friday at 2pm PST. Hope to see you inworld, just click my name to find us.


  • Intros
  • Updates (running through the new Mesh import capability script)
  • An interactive display. (see below for some video examples)
  • Show and tell from Alpha users
  • Q&A.

Cool videos.

We received a very early version of the PrioVR and our engineers got them integrated within a day. Here are a couple of fun early videos of them in action.


Super excited about the mesh importing script.


I contacted PrioVR during their Kickstarter campaign and they told me they did not have support for Mac yet. Anyway i ignored that and still backed for a full suit… are you now saying that HyFy will have full support for the PrioVR on Mac???

I love the second video on the horse, the instinct to emphasis actions to emulate riding a horse, love it XD


Hi @Loki, the version we have working right now is for the PC but you can be assured we will be looking to make this work with the Mac as well. Then we can all go into High Fidelity and have a PrioVR group hug!


Aww poo, but also Yeahy!