Meetup for January 30th @ 2pm PST


Hi All,

In this weeks meeting we are going to run through the following updates:

  • Physics: Physics has been getting updated throughout the week and we
    are starting to see some great examples of the things you can do.
    Philip has been working on a fantastic Planetary script. The script
    allows you to change the properties of the planets to see different
    gravitational results. Imagine learning physics this way!

Check it out:

Simple changes to the javascript parameters:

Produce realtime results:

  • Materials: We will run through using normal maps and a large set of
    free materials. Check out the video below to learn more.
  • Docs: We are continuing our work on docs. Please get in there and
    help us out:


Sorry I missed it. My ISP went dark across most of my state about 30min before (which may explain the audio Issues I was having just before too). Only just came back up after 7 hours so it must have been pretty severe!

(My apartment is extra tidy now!)