Meetup for June 20th at 2pm PDT


I am going to record and broadcast a Google Hangout for the meetup for those that can not make it into Interface. Watch this thread for the Hangout URL.

Here is the Agenda for tomorrow.

  • Intro
  • Updates:
  • Stack manager
  • Assignment clients for Windows
  • Alpha domain
  • Mesh script update
  • A Face off!
  • We will visit some of the hosted domains.
  • Q&A



Do you mean June 20th? Today’s the 19th, and it’s already past 2pm PDT!


Yep! thanks for spotting that!


Of course some of us black/grey/white box testers, like myself, are having buffer related problems that cause a choppy sound issue. Its sounds great for like three seconds at a time. Ill watch to the recording and maybe this can be resolved at a later point.


Hi, this is the hangout link for the meetup.


Hi All, thanks for the meetup today. Unfortunately I had trouble sending the speaker sounds out to the Hangouts so you can only hear me. I tried to repeat most of the questions I received.


Even getting only one side of the audio was a great improvement so thanks for that Chris - much appreciated!