Meetup for October 10 @ 2pm PDT


Hi All,

Agenda for tomorrow:

-Updates on Leap and Rift.
-Updates on the Entities editor
-Stack Manager updates per the Alpha forum
-Show and tell.

See you tomorrow.



Hangout video from the meetup (with everyones audio):


Is there any way of getting an image from the rift that shows the real view from the person using it?

There’s an interesting side effect from knowing someone is talking in voice only. When Chris asked who had crashed, I raised my arm because I knew he wasn’t using text chat, then I realised I had no peripherals to indicate that in a VW.

This sort of reaction isn’t just about VW’s, I do this in my day job often when I remote in to someone’s machine and find myself pointing at my own screen whilst I’m trying to point something out to the person on the other end of the phone.

I’m waffling a bit here but I think there’s potential for finding ways to find people’s natural reactions.


About the crash, its intressting and strange. and im curious if i did not triggered some bug.
At the memoent i stopped the script all entities and voxels get removed. The voxels dissapeared. almost all entities to. but 2 entities where keeping alive and aby still flying around :wink: so maby the script removed the 2 avatars from the world instead of my 2 entities… ? because only 2 avatars crashed.


How do you get the white hands ?


Well you picked on those whose names start with a c :stuck_out_tongue:


@MarcelEdward it is an avatar body called “Glove”.


I want to offer congrats for getting the whole crowd audio recorded.
Another step forward that gives us a huge advantage, thanks for putting the energy into this.


+1 thanks for posting this, was unable to get to the meeting, but feel caught up now!