Meetup: Friday, 15th of Jan @ 2pm PST


Hi All,

We will be doing our weekly meetup at hifi://sandbox/winter .

Agenda topics:

  • Physics updates
  • General conversation

I am going to try and broadcast live on youtube. Check the channel for the live broadcast




I see “Open Chat” used as a proper noun. Careful attention to capitalization. Will you confirm or deny to the forum the above as reference to a “global chat solution” OR is “Open Chat” just a synonym for “shooting the breeze / hanging out”

I’m sure there are quite a few others that are VERY curious about your response to this question.

Thanks in advance for the clarification.


:> I was referring to having a general conversation. I can see the confusion :>


When are the build tools fixt, since the layout of the properties window have changed lot’s of keys not work anymore. The build tool is complete useless now. It where alrerady not easy one before but now it’s a disaster of level 1


1:50 PST - Launch interface, oops, an update, installing, crosses fingers.
1:52 PST - Time remaining to install 9:58, fawk, DL is 1.2MB, checked my network BW, 15.6MB. HF throttled. damn.
1:55 PST - slow net, Checked massive congestion in level3, ATT, etc.
2:02 PST - Grr, nearly done, still bad trunk congestion


Audio ping is -1 at the sandbox. and offcourse no default local chat client available.


@Chris,tell @steven that I crashed. I’ll catch his answer in the video.


I can’t even get TO the meeting, I’m stuck way over far from the winter-games platform thingy on Sandbox and can’t freaking move very far towards it without getting stopped in place.

And also I’ve lost all my dance windows in the program, the only script running is jssteamplayerdomain.js, apparently because some while back something killed out of all my scripts, and after subsequent updates it haven’t started loading the correct scripts again. oO

edit: Okay, loaded defaultScripts.js and the windows are back. Still can’t move worth a darn, tho.

edit2: okay, clicked Judas on the Users Online window, so now am at the meeting… I can’t hear anything tho.


i came, but my avatar flies away from my screen and then i can’t hear any of you talk.


Yeah, silent as the grave for me, too… oO

BTW, anyone seeing name hovertexts? I see no names appearing in world for weeks now. oO


Too many crashes… laters :slight_smile:


Video from the meetup: