Meetup - Friday March 11th @ 2pm PST


Hi All,

We are on for the meetup today. It would be great to see any of the PBR assets that you have created and talk about any tricks that you have found. @sam has been working on a document to show various property settings . It would be great to talk about building example content.

See you at hifi://sandbox/winter . I will provide the video after the meeting.



I found even more bugs while trying to get content done for today. :stuck_out_tongue:


Here is the video from the meetup:


Thanks. I couldn’t make it because I was shoveling a slide off my road and then tarping the rest of it. Mountain living!


I missed it because one of my two monitors quit working. I now have a newer one in place on that side.


I decided not to attend because of FPS problems looking in certain directions at the winter location, but I see from the video that it’s not just me. Hopefully sandbox can be cleaned up a bit.


Yes the FPS direction thing has been a problem for me for weeks now. On Friday my render rate dropped down to zero when I was pointed in one direction and it is hard to get out of, because you get stuck and then when you start moving in a different rotation you flip over to another stuck direction. (I think mirror stuck is the same).


There are so many finishing steps to the render pipeline. I would have thought each step is timed so that a render manager can then decide what to thin or skip every tenth of a second. Without that level of render control, making FPS stable is going to be very difficult.


When smokey can see anything (atp) and there’s somewhere to sit and the txt chatters don’t get completely ignored I’ll give up my Friday night to come .am happy to play with the new graphics stuff till then


I am so frustrated right now havng spent 40 g-d minutes trying to make a simple flat board with edges to test physics for my pinball recreation. That would have taken me a total of 40 seconds to do in SL. FORTY g-d minutes!