Meetup: Friday November 21st @ 2pm PST


Hi All,

We are going to be doing our meetup at the domain “HQ”. It is a domain that I have just made public. I also want to go over some of the new features in the Neweditmodel.js .

See you tomorrow



hi @Chris can we have the meeting in skype and secondlife? my graphics crash me all the time my sounds kinda wonky


Judas, i can pass the meeting by skype to you if you like.
I think that must work without getting a feedback loop. need to test it.

Working on it, then i can have 2 way communication with skype to high fidelity.
Only need to watch the mute button :open_mouth:


Hi @Judas thanks for the video. Basically large Entities are crashing windows, currently Alpha is loaded up with some very large models for some upcoming demos that @philip is doing. If you go to HQ are you OK? Or click on the lobby image with the SF bridge.

(FYI Alpha is not running on Mac it just has very large models)

Thanks for the video.


@Chris so is that being fixed? is it the size of combined models as my domain has lotsa models in it and is fine?


For those who couldn’t attend, will there be some info on these new things posted here? Even when one can attend, a brief writeup would be great as it’s not always easy to get it all then remember it.


Friday meetup video: