Meetup - Friday, Sept 11 @ 2pm PDT


Hi All ,

For the meeting today the Agenda is:

  • Particles
  • Avatar updates
  • Procedural textures
  • Polyvox

We will meet at hifi://sandbox



I am hoping there might be a video to watch again. Upon arriving here a couple weeks ago, I just missed the ‘Monday’ meeting but was glad to see the video to see what I missed. Learning that Friday is the ‘normal’ day I figured ‘oh well, at least I can watch the video later’ since I can’t possibly make it on Friday…but then I haven’t seen any mention of a video from last week. If I just missed it, please point me in the right direction :slight_smile:


Fridays have been bad for me as well recently.


Did this get recorded?


yes Chris said he was recording it



I got a couple of recordings. I needed to switch computers half way through. Therefore the second half is missing some audio. I will be uploading today.



Those will be the bits where Phil revealed the secret revelations he asked us not to repeat i guess.


Hi All,

Here are the videos from the meetup. There are two video, I had some issues with my computer and needed to switch halfway through. This resulted in bad audio in the second video.


Now I really regret missing this meeting, I would have so many questions and answers to what we have found, Which I wont also be able to ask this comming Friday (Hopefully on a cruise):

  1. Is my avatar standards proposal being considered?
  2. Controlling of the shapekeys: Will this take some of proposal ideas on avatar customization ability via shapekeys
  3. So much about blender:

Im wondering why it the main internal devs have not heard about this when we have discussed for a while in the forums… and in many meets, infact couple of times to @philip directly during meets that it is an issue. Feel like talking to a wall: In anycase, can @chris forward the following links?

Here is the information Ive gathered, in order of relevance and when they were updated.:


Hello, all, This was my first alpha meeting, I really enjoyed chatting with you all. As a new High Fidelity developer, It was really great to hear your feedback about Avatar creation and some of the pain points.

To touch on some of the points that were raised in the meeting:

We are aware that the workflow with Blender is less then ideal. Several of our internal content creators and myself have decided to switch over to Blender as our main authoring tool, so we can experience these issues first hand. Hopefully, this will bear fruit as a document of best practices or perhaps even plug-ins to help.

Also, some of the issues @Menithal raised are being addressed. Although, we haven’t committed to a specific skeleton yet, we will have support for translation animations, also there are plans to allow procedural control of blend shapes via JavaScript.

Anyhow, It was a pleasure to chat with you and I look forward to meeting you all in world soon.