Meetup Hangout link for September 18th 2pm PDT


Here is the hangout link for the meetup today


If you have not read our blog recently, there is a great update on the work the Alphas are doing:


Here is the recording from the meeting today:


Did anyone obtain the text of what the audio dev guy said? It clearly didn’t make it to the video. oO


yeah it sucks missing a meet-up, I was away and came home today in time for the usual meeting but it was a day early.

I hear Chris’s voice clearly but not Craig or Thoys or anyone else, so dont know what was said.

@chris it is great that you can make these recordings so we can keep up, maybe you can get Craig to enable recording of everybody in the scene, should just be able to take a feed from the server audio even a camera type bot inworld that will get your voice and everyone elses and record that instead of just your mic.

Love your work
(rock paper scissors)


Well, it sounded as if the audio dev guy, ironically, was being told to text-chat it, since the other guy was saying something like “Describe what you bring to this project to us in a paragraph or less…” But the text-chat window wasn’t open in the video, and so for 10 minutes or so we’re just looking at avs quietly standing there.


They were experimenting with some funky audio features, such as the person behind you sounding like he/she was behind you, unfortunately it needed a few tweaks.

Craig is the audio guy, if he can get working what he’s working on it will be very interesting but a few issues were experienced when a few of us landed for the meeting.


Invasion of @thoys 26:51 :slight_smile:


Invasion? @Thoys has an army? oO

Remind me not to get him ticked off at me! :smiley:


@Adrian Great idea - adding to our todo list.


@Ciaran_Laval Indeed, we mistakenly enabled an “acoustic head shadow” feature on the server (by default). It’s now disabled by default, but there is probably a build or two out there in the wild where it is enabled.