Meetup: July 10th @ 2pm PDT


Hi All,

We are doing a regular meetup today. 9pm UTC.


-Updates on Graphics, Networking and Physics.
-Bug fixes.

See you @ hifi://hq/meetup.



Hi All,

I apologize for the very last minute update. I will need to push the meetup back to another day. We have a demo going on at the moment.


Aw please inform us next time a few more hours before hands thanks (some of us gotta sleep )


And today the audio was working splendidly!


Apologies all for the late notice, my schedule for the day got thrown out of sync. Few of the updates.

Here is the current open bug list:


It’s now Saturday, 6:10pm eastern (3:10pm pacific) is this meeting going to happen?


No @Foxxe, expect it next week.


With Virtual Reality as cut-throat as it has been recently, I encourage you to be careful posting ANYTHING public about HTC Vive. Certainly not a threat from me, ha-ha, more so a heads-up from a guy that flew too close to the sun and got burned. :wink:


okay, thank for the update


I think you’ll be okay it’s pretty much in the main media now just look at BBC click HF Should get in touch with them once they have something astounding to show off