Meetup - March 18th at 2pm PDT (21:00 UTC)


Hi All,

See you all at 2pm PDT (21:00 UTC) on the hifi://sandbox/winter . Let me know what you would like to cover?



I have questions about the Hackathon.

I work upon a very powerful desktop pc and would rather not purchase a laptop just for this specific event. Will there be access to equipment? Computers, monitors, VR stuff, webcams…

What is the objective?

Will there be teams?

Are we to start from an empty canvas or can we bring a “toolkit” upon usb?

I have lots of concerns, but was waiting until now to bring them up. I hope the date is final, because on top of being publicized, I already have airfare. :smiley:


High Fidelity’s identity problem - you can never be sure who you’re dealing with… See @Balpien.Hammerer 's great comments on a previous meetup:


If you cant trust people you meet on the interwebs then who can you trust?


Has the sandbox been cleared? :slight_smile:


@Meninthal Yes, I think that the sand box has been cleared … I’ve managed to be in winter and turn 360 without crashing or getting 0FPS which I haven’t been able to do for weeks.


Hi @ctrlaltdavid for identity, do you mean something like this

@Menithal, yes the sandbox has been cleared.



Sandbox had to be cleared? oO What, was it invaded by xenomorphs earlier or something? OO (Rummages around in his footlocker for a good, stout blaster… )


@Chris In part, even though the bit about “High Fidelity will run a global service that lets you optionally store and validate identity information … lets you selectively show this information to other people in the virtual world” isn’t implemented. Will it be?

Also at today’s meetup there could be 6 identical "chris"s and no way to distinguish the “real” one or if the real one is even present.

UPDATE: Update from Philip at meetup: yes, identiy is still on the roadmap (post MVP, of course).


Hmmmmm… if the future global ID info server is optional to use, I’m guessing maybe that also means other outfits could make their own, independent ID servers, too at some point? That could be useful.


I crashed for the first time just as Chris started talking about all the crash fixes!


I hope we get real terrain before end of this year. Without terrain it’s so limited what you can do. With terrain you get a picture to create idea’s from. ALso terrain from blender. not so happy with, also large mesh seems to load bad. i have mesh terrain on my domain but it always not load until i move.


Oh shoot, time difference! Forgot about that Derp.


Videos from the meetup. There are two:

Part 1:

Part 2:


Hmmmm… at about the 42 minute mark in Part 2, I notice someone was asking me in voice about what I could see and not see in world right then. My problem is I can barely hear the voicechat in world usually, so I didn’t hear that question when this was actually going on. Sorry about that. :confused: